Beach Wedding Floral Inspiration

I am so excited to be planning a sweet couple's beach-themed wedding in 2018! As we dive into the design concepts for their ceremony and reception, one of my favorite parts of a wedding to plan is the florals we will be incorporating. 


The Groom and Groomsmen boutonnieres will be quite simple with a stand-out white flower wrapped in a blue silk ribbon that will accent the Bride and Bridesmaids bouquets and go well with gray or tan suits (we haven't decided yet!)


For the Bride and Bridesmaids bouquets, we want to incorporate mainly white flowers with a lot of greenery and subtle hints of light blue, especially in the Bride's bouquet which should always be at the center of attention!


Because this is a budget-friendly wedding, we wanted to choose centerpieces that make a statement at each guest table while cutting down on the cost of flowers. Using candle lanterns not only ties in perfectly with a beach-theme, but it doesn't require a lot of florals. Instead, using other accents like candles, sand, seashells, or seastars can fill up the table and are an alternative to flower centerpieces. 

Ivy Rivero